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A Solid Real Estate Marketing Program Isn’t Just For Seasoned Agents

A common misconception among Real Estate agents that are just getting started in the business is the idea that in order to set up a regular Real Estate Marketing campaign, you need to be a well established, seasoned agent. This is not true, AT ALL.

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Sometimes The Last Things You Think Of Are The Most Important

The kind of support offered, or the types of implementation plans offered by your vendor will decide the difference between success and failure with your new product/service implementation.

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Thanks to Derek Halpern, Our Blog Sucks Slightly Less…

Derek Halpern dropped some knowledge on me last week about my blog, how it wasn’t “pleasant to read” and how that might make my conversion rate suck. A few quick fixes though, and I think our blog sucks….just a little bit less than it did a week ago šŸ™‚