Comparison: LeadingAgent Smart Postcard Marketing Vs. Corefact
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Comparison: LeadingAgent Smart Postcard Marketing Vs. Corefact

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Many times when agents are shopping for postcard marketing services, they contact us and ask how we compare to Corefact. The truth is there are a couple similarities. Like us, Corefact is a believer that your older marketing vehicles don’t need dumped. They just need updated with the times. Secondly, both Corefact and the LeadingAgent Platform use one of a kind, unique offer codes to track which homeowners are responding to your marketing pieces, in real-time, giving you full transparency with your campaign, every step of the way. That is where the similarities end though.

Before we get started, let me disclose the following:
• We have gathered the information in this post based on what we have found during a comparison of our product, against what we found on the corporate website of the competing product.
• This is a point by point review. We of course happen to love our product, however we are not saying our product is superior to any other product out there. Our intent is to lay out the facts, as they are available, give you our thoughts and let the reader make their decision as to what solution is the best fit for them.

Here are LeadingAgent’s core differentiating factors from Corefact:

The Postcard Capture Code and What You Can Do With It

With Corefact, the only item of value they can tie to the offer code on the postcards they send out is a free instant home valuation. We’ve found that this can be detrimental to your overall success in your campaign. You see, if you send postcards to the same people in your farm, month after month and ONLY ever tell them to use that capture code to get a home value, over time homeowners become fatigued with your messages. The net outcome is they are going to stop interacting with your marketing pieces.

The LeadingAgent platform on the other hand features a one of a kind variable capture code system. That means the offer codes can be linked to literally ANY type of item of value. By default, we also offer a instant online home valuation. But why be a one trick Realtor®? Use our system to keep things fresh and different, changing them up every month, keeping homeowners interested.

For instance, one month offer a home valuation, then the next month choose from one of our ebooks in our extensive library of free books, the next month, link a just listed card to a video tour of the property, and perhaps one month do a holiday postcard and link the capture code to a contest for kids in your farm area.

The Possibilities are ENDLESS.

LeadingAgent INSTANTLY gives you homeowner’s email addresses, Corefact Doesn’t.

Our biggest belief with any marketing system is that you should use one marketing vehicle to build another. That is where email comes in. With our platform, you’ll see when the homeowner goes to the landing page to punch in their offer code, we also ask for their email address. This is great because it instantly gives you another way to contact and nurture that lead.

Corefact’s capture code is the only thing they ask for on their landing page. Actually, for a homeowner to even supply the agent with their email address is kind of difficult. In the corefact system, you have to actually navigate to your account tab and go in and update your account settings.

Our general rule of thumb is keep the barrier of entry low. The higher the bar, the less likely a homeowner is to do something. Why make a homeowner navigate through a bunch of pages to give you their email address?

The LeadingAgent Postcard System is FULLY Integrated With Facebook

Unlike any other marketing platform out there, our Capture Postcard Marketing system seamlessly integrates with Facebook Advertising. You see, while you postcards are going out to homes in your farm area, we are simultaneously running digital farming ads in Facebook to homeowners that live in the exact same area.

The benefit of this is two fold. First off, for people that refuse to read mail, you are reaching them because they are undoubtedly online and Facebook is the largest social media platform out there. Additionally, and even for added bonus, those that do read their mail and do interact with your capture postcards will be impressed when your Digital Farming ads start showing up in their Facebook News Feeds. This will not only keep you in the top of their minds, but make them think that you are a Real Estate Rockstar that is EVERYWHERE.

Corefact relies strictly on postcards and has no such offering in their system.

Template is a BAD WORD (At least with LeadingAgent)

The whole point of marketing yourself is to make you stand out as an individual. There is no other agent out there like you. Unlike Corefact’s system, we will not give you an online catalog of templates to choose from.

Instead we will give you a dedicated graphic designer that is going to work with you to design a one of a kind, custom branded identity for both your postcards and your landing pages. There is no other service out there that offers these agency style services at such an affordable price.

There are lots of marketing platforms out there. It’s important you find the most comprehensive platform out there that will meet all your needs, at the most affordable price possible. We think LeadingAgent is just what you need and would love to talk with you about how we can help you grow your Real Estate Practice.

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