LeadingAgent Completely Revamps Their Cloud Based CRM system
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LeadingAgent Completely Revamps Their Cloud Based Real Estate CRM system

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The LeadingAgent Spring 2018 Real Estate CRM Release is here, and WOW is it amazing! It’s true. This is our BIGGEST release in quite some time and there are some fantastic features that will help EVERY agent, no matter how large or small their Real Estate Practice is.

We’d like to apologize in advance for the length of this release notification, but there are just so many great features, we just have to share them all with you. From the largest to smallest improvements, here is what you can look for in the LeadingAgent Cloud Based Real Estate CRM Spring 2018 Release.

Smart Transaction Management

One of the most highly requested and yet most difficult feature requests we get is the request for an automated Transaction Management feature in our CRM. Part of the problem is we work with agents all over the United States and Canada. Different states have different regulations and therefore there are some specific important dates that may apply in one state and not others. Even more complex, no two agents do their transactions the same. One agent might want a reminder about the release of contingencies 48 hours before the date, while another agent may want a reminder 5 days before. For those two reasons, us coming up with a boiler plate set up important dates and timed follow up actions has been basically impossible. Impossible, until now, that is.

LeadingAgent Transaction Management Wizard

We’ve built a revolutionary transaction management tool unlike any other Real Estate CRM on planet earth. Our Transaction Management Task Generator Wizard takes all the guess work out of putting together your EXACT, customized transaction management processes without having to know any CRM customization skills at all.

  1. You Can Add As Many Milestone Dates And Triggers As You Want- It used to be when you updated your buyer or seller transaction layouts, you’d need to go into the CRM workflow and update it to take into account all the new fields you had added. NOT ANYMORE. Our wizard automatically knows when you’ve added fields or triggers to your buyer and seller transactions. When you go to the wizard to set a new reminder, it will instantly show you the new fields you created. You don’t have to do a thing. They are just magically there.
  2. Work in Multiple States? NO PROBLEM- For those of you that sell Real Estate in multiple states, we have an added feature in the wizard called “Task State”. If you select a state for a specific task, it will only apply to those transactions that are being handled in that particular state. This gives you an extra level of being able to streamline your transaction management process.
  3. What Happens When A Milestone Date Changes?– Let’s face it. The one constant in Real Estate is that things are always changing. Your transactions are no different. One of the biggest complaints we receive from Realtors® that are looking for a new Real Estate CRM is the fact that if a milestone date in a transaction gets changed (e.g. close of escrow is pushed back a week), the tasks associated with that date do not automatically update, when the date is changed on the transaction.
    WE SOLVED YOUR NEED! Our system is CONSTANTLY tracking the milestone dates of your transaction. Any time you change a milestone date, every task, reminder or action associated with that date will automatically update appropriately. That is the beauty of our Transaction Management Wizard. Our system is thinking FOR you, and you can just focus on dealing with your day to day business.

Fully Lightning Enabled

LeadingAgent Completely Revamps Their Cloud Based CRM system

While our partner, salesforce.com did release their Lightning Interface in public beta a year or so ago, there were many issues with it. These issues impacted performance and user experience, so we opted not to adopt it in our Real Estate CRM Platform. With time of course comes improvements. I am happy to report that the Lightning Interface has been fully enhanced and is now a fantastic user experience.

As a result, we have upgraded all our features to be Salesforce Lightning Compatible. You are going to love the new interface as it very closely resembles the mobile app interface, giving you a consistent, easy to follow user experience, no matter what device you access the CRM with.

Automated Text Message Follow Up To Online Leads

With online leads, the amount of time it takes you to follow up is literally the difference between winning and losing. You have less than 5 minutes to follow up with an online lead, before you and your brand has completely left their mind. So much so that if you call them even 10 minutes after they submitted their info, they are going to tell you they have no idea who you are and that they never contacted you. They aren’t trying to be difficult, they literally no longer remember you. That is the nature of online leads.

Our Spring Release solves this issue with an optional Automated Text Message Follow Up Tool that will allow you to specify which online leads get which automated follow ups. You can have one general response for all lead sources, OR craft a custom follow up that is specific to each lead source. This tool ensures that even if you are in meetings, online leads will be followed up with immediately, keeping you on their radar, until you are at a spot where you can follow up with them directly. ALSO, any responses they may give to your initial text message will immediately come right through to your smartphone, allowing you to prioritize the follow up with those leads as they are the most in need of your services.

Automated Showing Survey Follow Up

One of the most important things you can ever give your sellers, during the sale of their home, is feedback. Keeping them informed, in the loop and comfortable are critical to a successful transaction. Our spring release features a great showing feedback tool you can use to help gather feedback for your sellers. With the click of a button, you can deploy a survey that a showing agent can fill out in less than 2 minutes about your listing. When completed, the survey automatically updates in the CRM and you are notified.

Automated Birthday & Home Anniversary Emails

Birthdays and home anniversaries are fantastic times for you to remind your past clients you are thinking of them. The thing is, they are hard to remember to do on time. Our spring release comes PRELOADED with workflows that many of you have asked for in the past, that will automatically deploy these email messages for you.

NEW Seasonal/Holiday drip email marketing templates

You can never have enough material to drip on your leads, clients, past clients and sphere. With that in mind, we have added a whole new catalog of beautifully designed holiday and seasonal email templates that you can use to reach out at key points during the year. It can’t “always be real estate”, so these festive, colorful email templates are the perfect complement.

Updated Capture Postcard Marketing System

As always, we are improving our Capture Postcard Marketing Platform. We’ve added more options to tie to capture codes, and more reporting. If you want to get a postcard farm started, contact us today to discuss your options.

As you can see, this is the largest CRM release we have had in quite some time. While all these features are great ones, we cannot speak highly enough about the transaction management wizard. That feature was two years in the making. We spent that time collaborating with a large, multi-state transaction management firm, honing, testing and refining the wizard to make sure it was perfect. It is unlike anything available in any other Real Estate CRM platform in the market. It’s truly a game changer and will make you exponentially more streamlined and effective in your day to day business.

Want a FREE CRM Trial? It’s true. You can test our platform out for 30 days, FOR FREE, no obligation, and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. Simply CLICK HERE.


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