Real Estate Farms? Think Long Term

Just Listed Postcard By The LeadingAgent Real Estate Marketing Team

At least 2-3 times per week we have a Realtor® call us because they want to get their marketing back on track. The first thing they always say slipped, and the first thing (at least in the past 6-8 months) they’ve wanted to get back on track, immediately, is their Geographic Farming.

This type of marketing generally revolves around postcard marketing.

Dollar for dollar, postcard marketing is still the most cost effective and productive use of your marketing dollars. We see postcards not only garnering the highest response rates of any marketing campaign (including online and social media), but also at the same time building awareness and brand recognition that other forms of marketing simply cannot yet surpass.

So postcard marketing sounds great, right? You’re ready to jump off the cliff and start up, or re-start a farm area right? Well, BEFORE you do that, let’s look at the best practices. In fact, let’s just look at two of the best practices. These two things are missed and/or not considered by many, many agents, causing them to fail in their campaign efforts before they ever truly get started. Yet if you embrace and master these two best practices, you cannot go wrong.

What are these two things you ask? It’s simple: Consistency and Time.

What do I mean by this? If you are going to start marketing to a farm area with postcards, you have to do it consistently. Every three to four weeks, you need to be touching these people. MINIMUM.  Whether it’s a just listed postcard, a just sold postcard, a comps (Market Update) postcard, a postcard that demonstrates to homeowners why you are the agent they should choose to sell their home and what your specific differentiating factors are, or even just a simple “value added piece” (e.g. local events calendar).

The hardest part we see many of our clients and potential clients wrestling with is that Farming is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes month, after month, of consistent, repetitive touches to your farm area, before they start to become engrained with your face and name, when they think of Real Estate. In general, we suggest to our clients that establishing a farm and successfully starting to get measurable results from said farm can take anywhere from six to eight months.

As they say though, “Nothing good ever comes easy”.

If you keep down the path of relentless consistency, realistic expectations, and a never dying desire to set yourself apart from all the other Realtors® in your marketplace, you WILL succeed.

There are no easy paths, but the rewards are tremendous. Do you want more tips on how to establish a successful Geographic Farm Area? Are you looking for content for your marketing campaign(s)? Are you mid-way into getting your campaign started and would just like some encouraging words and someone to give your campaign a “second set of eyes”? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please contact me anytime. I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Chris Leo

Chris Leo is a Silicon Valley, CA entrepreneur, complete workaholic, top notch inbound marketer, dad to the coolest kid on the planet, type “A” personality, shameless self-promoter and never ending “connector”.

Even though he is seemingly always working, when he does take breaks, the “work hard, play hard” motto takes on a whole new meaning. Most people talk about “wanting to do things”, Chris goes out and actually does them.

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