Want More Juice In Your Farm Area? WORK IT!
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Want More Juice In Your Farm Area? WORK IT!

Too many times we come across Realtors® that are 90% of the way to dominating their farm area, BUT they blow it on the last stretch. Here are the problems we find and how to fix them.

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Want To Succeed At Real Estate? Stop Selling Homes!

Today we talk about how social media is different than all other advertising platforms, and if you want to truly rise above the crowd and be a Real Estate Superstar, you need to stop selling homes.

In Real Estate, if you try to be a master at everything, you'll end up being a master at nothing
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If You Are A Realtor® Trying To Be A Master Of Everything, You’ll End Up Being A Master Of Nothing

Real Estate is a tough business. Even though you “are your own boss”, you SHOULD NOT try to become a jack of all trades. It will ruin your business. Here is why.