How To Grow Your Real Estate Database
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How To Grow Your Real Estate Database

We often find that new agents do not have a database. Not because they haven’t tried, but mostly because nobody has ever shown them how to build a solid personal database. Today we tackle this issue.

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Denial Of Service Attacks, Your Real Estate CRM, and Your Real Estate Business

Top Producer had a DDoS attack rendering their system useless for days. What does this mean to your business? What is DDoS, and how can it affect your Real Estate Business?

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For Immediate Release: LeadingAgent Cloud Based Real Estate CRM Rolls Out Major Upgrade

Status 5 Studio, Incorporated’s LeadingAgent Real Estate Marketing Team has reported that they have successfully completed deployment of the biggest, and most significant new release to their LeadingAgent cloud based CRM, Marketing & Business Practice Management System, since it’s inception.

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Are you ready to take your Real Estate CRM “To The Cloud”?

It is safe to say that not all cloud solutions are the same and that there are no universal offerings that are standard to all these solutions. To those ends, here is a brief list of some key things to consider when evaluating a cloud computing CRM solution and deciding if it is right for you.

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Forbes Magazine Rates World’s #1 Most Innovative Company

Forbes magazine agrees with us that the SFDC cloud is the world’s most innovative platform. We’ve used that platform to bring you the most innovative Real Estate Marketing Platform on the planet.