Use Real Estate Postcards To Help Your Facebook Ad Campaigns In 3 Easy Steps
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Use Real Estate Postcards To Help Your Facebook Ad Campaigns In 3 Easy Steps

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One thing that seems to pop up every now and again is when a Realtor® says that Real Estate Postcard Farming has become obsolete and there are many better forms of marketing out there. While one must agree that since the advent of the Real Estate Farming Postcard, there have been many new innovations and techniques created to get in front of prospective home sellers, the fact still remains that Real Estate Postcards simply aren’t “old school”. You just need to look at using them in different and new ways.

Today, to illustrate my point, I want to share with you a way you can use your Real Estate Farming Postcards, easily, to help build the results of your Facebook Ad campaigns. It’s so easy in fact, you can do it in three simple steps.

WAIT! I Don’t Use Facebook For Advertising. Why Should I?

If you fall into this category, don’t feel bad. As popular of an ad network as Facebook is, many Realtors® still haven’t caught onto the “why to advertise” and “how to advertise” on Facebook. Even if this is the case though, you should feel a sense of urgency to not only get on this platform, but to also embrace it.

According to a recent article, written by, Americans now spend more time on Facebook, than they do on their pets. While the title is written purposely to get page views, the numbers in the article are noteworthy. Their research indicates that Americans spend an average of 40 minutes, every day, checking their Facebook news feeds.

Those Americans are your potential clients. If you know where there are going to be, for nearly an hour a day, why on earth wouldn’t you use that time to advertise to them, putting ads (and your image) in their news feed?

Okay, I Get It. Facebook Sounds Like An Important Marketing Engine. How Do Postcards Play Into This?

So the question becomes how do you target your ideal clients on Facebook, showing up in their news feeds and being noticed by them? There are actually at least a few very valuable ways you can advertise to prospective clients on Facebook. Today I’ll explain how you can use postcards to target the right prospective clients.

One of the options that Facebook offers is the ability for you to use a tracking pixel, in order to determine who your ads should be shown to. This is referred to as “remarketing” or “retargeting”. Per the Facebook website:

Custom Audiences from your website is a powerful way for you to reach people on Facebook after they’ve visited your site. It helps you reach customers who’ve already shown interest and re-engage them to make your ads even more impactful.

You can install the Facebook pixel on your site that captures all your website traffic, or just certain pages. Then you can run ads to reach those website visitors on Facebook and continue their experience of your business.

So how do postcards play into this, you ask? It’s simple. Use your postcards to drive homeowners to a landing page. If the item of value offered on the Call To Action on the postcard is strong enough, they will go to that site to take advantage of your offer. When they go to redeem that offer, the tracking pixel that was installed on your landing page tags that homeowner.

From there forward, you can use ad campaigns to target that specific homeowner, when they are on Facebook, helping you burn your brand in their minds, giving you the greatest possibility that they are going to reach out and call you, when they are thinking of putting their home on the market.

Here is a quick example of how this would work, using our Capture Marketing Postcard System:

STEP 1: Install Tracking Pixel On Your Landing Page








NOTE: This is probably something you will want your marketing firm to do, unless you are comfortable with HTML coding.

STEP 2: Send out Postcards With A Capture Code On It











The homeowner likes your Call To Action’s item of value and will go to the website on the card and punch in the code they were given on their postcard.











The homeowner gets their item of value, and you have tagged them, so now your Facebook ad campaigns that target visitors to your landing page will start showing up on their Facebook wall 🙂

facebook ad
















I know I’ve made this sound super simple, but truth be told, there is a bit of work involved to get this set up. I would highly suggest using a firm such as ours, that has a specialty in this type of advertising, to help you get these campaigns established and going. One thing you cannot deny though is that there are TONS of people on Facebook for EXTENDED periods of time. It’s time you take advantage of that and push your brand out there.

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