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Our custom designed, proprietary CRM, built on the Salesforce.com Database Stack is the only one of it's kind in the Real Estate Industry. We have spent years developing and refining our engine, turning it into the most powerful tool you will ever use in your Real Estate practice. Not only does our system perform the obvious, such as running your website, and your electronic marketing campaigns, but it also runs every aspect of your day to day business.

Easily keep track of interactions with customers, manage follow up tasks and reminders, collaborate and share information with existing clients, your vendors, assistants and the rest of your team, track expenses and calculate specifically which marketing expenditure brought forth which business opportunity. Even better, use our system as a "daily coach", having it instruct you on your daily goals and benchmarks, in order to hit your annual sales goals. Our system leverages all these things, give you a one of a kind, totally individualized business practice management giant.

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