Every Successful Journey Requires A Road Map

We believe that there are no such things as "marketing packages". We develop every campaign, for every Realtor®, custom, based on their specific needs.

Our marketing programs are the most comprehensive, easy to use programs in the industry. We plan, schedule, design and deploy ALL your marketing for you, so you need not worry about anything. You just do what it is you do best....SELL HOMES!

Our staff works closely with you to develop a comprehensive direct marketing campaign that takes into account every possible group you are marketing yourself to, including your sphere/past clients, as well as all of your geographic farms. Small or large, we can put together a unique, one of a kind plan that is guaranteed to get you results and grow your business.

Our marketing plans include:

  • A free consultation to assess your needs
  • We create a custom marketing program for you
  • Our data processing team will help you build your past clients / sphere farm if you do not already have it in a data format
  • Our data processing department will work with you to generate your geographic farm mailing lists, take out duplicates and edit out bad addresses
  • Our design team creates custom branding that will be used on all your pieces.
  • Our writers and designers will develop and design all necessary content for your marketing.
  • Our data processing team enters your campaign into our automated schedule, ensuring your campaign is always consistent.
  • We set you up with our fully customizable contact management system (optional service).
  • We deploy all your campaigns on time, every time, getting you the results you deserve.
  • Our web services team will develop a custom online store, featuring your unique branding that will allow you to easily place "on demand" orders with instant online proof capabilities for marketing pieces that you create in addition to your regular, monthly marketing campaigns.

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